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Charles W. Gehrke December 30, 2008

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The web site is designed to highlight the life and accomplishments of Charles W. Gehrke, 1917-2009, and the book, “From the Melon Fields to the Moon,” an autobiography he wrote with Dianna Borsi O’Brien.

The manuscript for the book is complete and a publisher is being sought.

Charles grew up poor, laboring in melon fields as a field hand. After attending Ohio State University, in 1950, he joined the faculty at the University of Missouri-Columbia. While there, Charles put together a team of chemists who developed a methodology that led them to be tapped to analyze the moon rocks returned by NASA’s Apollo 1969-1972 moon landings.

In 1968, Charles, David Stalling and Jim Ussary founded Analytical Bio-chemistry Laboratories, now ABC Labs, to capitalize on those techniques and others they’d developed for agricultural chemical analysis. Today, ABC Labs is a thriving corporation, employing more than 300 workers .

After retiring in 1987 at 70, Charles pursued the Cancer Research Center a quest for cancer bio-markers. His work in this area continues to be cited. During his career, Charles co-authored 11 books and nearly 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

He was also a dedicated friend and family man, able to recall from memory the birth dates of all his grandchildren and even his great-grandchild as well the contact information for dozens of his friends, colleagues and former students.

This website is dedicated to the life of Charles W. Gehrke, which is highlighted in the forthcoming book, “The Melon Fields to the Moon.”


1. Ella Gehrke - April 12, 2010

Thank you Dianne for making this cool website! my grandpa would love it:) it is so great!

2. Maddie Gehrke - May 10, 2010

ya this is very cool!

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