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Book published December 3, 2010

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Charles never stopped working in the field he loved — chromatography — even decades after his 1987 official retirement.

Chromatography: A Science of Discovery was published in September 2010, more than a year after he died in February 2009.

The book was published by John Wiley and Sons, is 410 pages and carries a price tag of $99.95. It can be purchased online here.

The book is an invaluable resource, according to the Wiley website. The site describes the book as follows: “Features contributions from more than 50 award-winning chromatographers, Chromatography: A Science of Discovery offers a multifaceted look at the development and maturation of this field … With numerous reference and an engaging series of voices, Chromatography: A Science of Discovery offers a diverse look at an essential area of science. It is a unique and invaluable resource for researchers, students, and other interested readers who seek a broader understanding of this field.”

When announcing the publication of Charles’s book, his daughter Susan Gehrke Isaacson applauded the efforts of Drs. Deb Chance and Tom Mawhinney at the University of Missouri in getting the book through the publisher.

Contributors to the book also include Viktor G. Berezkin, Jaroslav Janak, Thomas L. Chester, Ernst Bayer, Walter G. Jennings, Ronald E. Majors, J. Jack Kirkland, Klaus K. Unger, Heinz Engelhardt, Gerhard Schomburg, William H. Pirkle, Christopher J. Welch, Daniel W. Armstrong, Jerker O. Porath, Jan B. Sjovall, David S. Hage, Pat Noland, Terry N. Hopper, Michael W. Dong, Yong Guo, Todd D. Maloney, Raymond N. Xu, Del Koch, Lyle Johnson, Pat Sandra, and Richard B. Van Breemen.


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