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Charles W. Gehrke/Melon Fields to the Moon April 18, 2011

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The web site is designed to highlight life and accomplishments of Charles W. Gehrke, 1917-2009, and the book “From the Melon Fields to the Moon,” which he wrote with Dianna Borsi O’Brien prior to his death in 2009 death at age 91.

The book covers his rags-to-riches life story, but highlights the fact that his success came not just from working hard, but also from his willingness to seek publicity. While some called him a self promoter, his accomplishments include analyzing the moon rocks of the 1969-1972 NASA Apollo missions, founding ABC Labs, a company that employs more than 300 workers, and authoring or co-authoring 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 11 books.

Charles also was a dedicated family man, able to recall from memory the birth dates of all nine of his grandchildren and his great-grandchild.

The book, “From the Melon Fields to the Moon,” showcases his life accomplishments.


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