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Dr. Charles and Virginia Gehrke scholarship at ABC Labs August 31, 2011

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One of Charles W. Gehrke’s legacies is the Dr. Charles and Virginia Gehrke Scholarship offered to the children of ABC Labs employees.

Both Charles and Virginia Gehrke knew what it was like to struggle to pay for their education.

In fact, Charles always remembered exactly what it felt like to stand at the railroad station in Coshocton, Ohio, waiting for the train to take him to Columbus, Ohio, to attend Ohio State University.

“I had $80 in my pocket at the time. I don’t know why I remember that, but I do,” said Charles in his biography, From the Melon Fields to the Moon. That was money his brother Hank lent him along with some of the money he’d saved from their vegetable growing and selling operation, an operation that entailed Hank and Charles going house to house to sell the produce. Charles hated it. He hated asking for anything, even a sale.

But he did it because his family needed the money. Without a father to help support the family of five children, he and his brother worked hard to support the family.

But even with Hank’s help, Charles did everything he could to pay his own way, including washing dishes and taking all sorts of summer jobs.

And again he asked for help. He’d heard about the Stadium Scholarship dorm at Ohio State University during his first year at college and he knew the price was right; $100 a year for room, which included meals. In 1935, tuition was $75 a year.

The scholarship requirement of having to carry a B average didn’t worry Charles, but students had to be nominated for the honor of living in the Stadium Scholarship dorm.

So he went to see Bland Stradley, vice president at Ohio State University, who happened to live in Dresden, a town near Coshocton.

“I told him I didn’t have any money,” said Charles, and the next year, he had a place among about 300 men in the Stadium Scholarship dorm.

That’s why the establishment of the Dr. Charles and Virginia Gehrke makes so much sense. Now the children of ABC Labs employees won’t have to go door to door with vegetables or find a college official to ask for help; they can simply apply for a scholarship.

For more information on the scholarship, click here.


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