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Five reasons to buy this book July 3, 2017

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OK, maybe six reasons, but really, you should buy From Melon Fields to Moon Rocks, because, like carrots, it will be good for you.From Melon Fields to Moon Rocks cover 032917

  1. 1. Let’s face it, no matter what side you are on, the news can be depressing. Take a break from that with this feel-good biography of Charles W. Gehrke, a man who started out as a poor kid, peddling radishes door-to-door with his brother and then went on to became a successful husband, father, scientist and entrepreneur. His success was due to things all of us can celebrate: family support, education, networking, friendship and an unwavering belief in himself.
  2. 2. Enjoy a reading stroll through history with this book, through a time when wheat was stacked in the fields, pest management meant trapping rats in a barn, college professors joined bowling leagues, kids spent summers swimming in a local quarry swimming hole and no knew whether there was life on the moon or not.
  3. From Melon Fields to Moon Rocks highlights the best of the USA, a place where someone could get an education, find a life partner, develop a career in biochemistry devoted to helping other scientists make discoveries and turn that knowledge into a successful firm that employed 300 people before it was bought out in 2015 by a global firm.
  4. Let’s be blunt here. Buying this book will support the local economy including me, the author Dianna Borsi O’Brien, and the local venues where it is for sale, Yellow Dog Bookshop, 8 S. Ninth St., Barnes & Noble in the Columbia Mall and the Boone County Historical Society at 3801 Ponderosa St.
  5. This book will also increase your own and the world’s peace and quiet. We all know you might have neighbors who will be firing off fireworks starting last week and for the next week or so to celebrate the Fourth of July. Really? We need more noise in this world? No, we don’t. So grab this book, settle down for a nice read of a sweet story of a poor boy who made good and enjoy the holiday.

What? Don’t want to get our of your stay-at-home clothes to get the book? No worries. You can get it electronically from Barnes & Noble, amazon.com or buy it via this website and I’ll mail you the book for $20 plus tax and shipping.Buy Now Button


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