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ABC Labs

ABC Labs has gone global. Founded in 1968 by Charles W. Gehrke, Jim Ussary and David Stalling, the firm was purchased in 2015 by EAG Inc., a private, global scientific services firm headquartered in San Diego, California.

In 2017, EAG was purchased by Eurofins Scientific, a Brussels-based firm.


Eurofins has 30,000 employees and 375 sites in 41 countries, according to a Eurofins news release that announcing the acquisition.

How ABC Got Its Start

ABC Labs got its start in 1968, long before technology transfer was a buzzword or even a concept. It was begun by Charles W. Gehrke with David Stalling and Jim Ussary.

To start the company, the men approached friends, family members and colleagues. In six months, they’d raised $200,000 — $1.2 million in 2009 dollars —  a sum Stalling and Ussary credited mainly to Charles.

At first the staff consisted of one – Ussary, who hung curtains, repaired the roof or whatever else had to be done to keep the company going. Eventually Ussary would move on to take a position with another company. It wasn’t until 1995 that ABC Labs turned a profit.

Yet it wasn’t profit that Charles bragged about – it was how many people the company he founded employed, especially the number of University of Missouri graduates. Charles said more than one-third of ABC Lab workers had earned their degrees at MU. He pointed to information that showed the total salaries at ABC from 2004-2008 added $55.2 million to Columbia’s economy.

Not bad for a $200,000 investment from friends, family members and colleagues.



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